Hello World, Again

I’ve tried numerous times to start a consistently updated blog. The main deterring factor is that any time I go back and read my writing from a week/month/year ago, I cringe.

Maybe the reason I cringe is because I was blogging for the wrong reasons.

This isn’t the part where I start pontificating what blogging should be about, but I think what motivated me before was some vague need to toot my own horn, or (god forbid) build by “personal brand.”

But I think - like a lot of the things I’ve done - I started those blogs for the wrong reasons. I’m going to make a promise to you, reader, that this time will be different.

Somebody (probably very smart) said that you learn by teaching people. Therefore, this blog will be about sharing literally anything I know that would be useful to anyone else. That way, maybe in a year when I look back on this post, I won’t cringe.

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