Reading Notes: Inspired

Inspired is a great introduction on how to be a Product Manager by Marty Cagan, a former engineer turned product expert. Here’s one of my favorite themes of the book:

Product: build the right product
Engineering: build the product right

Here are the most poignant things I learned from this book organized by category.

Product team structure

Engineering management

The importance of prototypes

General product management

I thought this book had some fresh things to say about confidence. Frequently confidence is looked upon negatively in tech—something that MBAs who don’t know what they’re talking about have. But I really liked Cagan’s take on it:

Confidence is an important trait because the entire product team, executive team, and sales organization is looking to the product manager to convince them that what they are investing their time and money and careers in will be successful, and that the vision is a good one.

Additionally I was surprised when I found out that the book was published in 2008 because most of its advice still applies to tech in 2019.

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