Tokyo Tower 東京タワー

Come on, did you think I was going to be in Tokyo for a month and not do the most touristy thing you could possibly do in Tokyo - go up Tokyo Tower?

Sitting before Tokyo tower is the Buddhist temple Zōjō-ji.
Sitting before Tokyo tower is a fairly large temple, and in the temple's garden is an installation of hundreds of little stone children, all holding a pinwheel.

They were really beautiful on a breezy day like this one.

The view from the tower is spectacular, as expected. Even with a bird’s eye view of the city like this, the layout of Tokyo still evades me.

Facing West

The admission fee is ¥800 ($10.37), but that only gets you to the middle level. As a cash-strapped college student I didn’t want to pay the extra ¥600 more to get up to the top, so you’ll have to settle for middle photos.

Facing East

Above you can see the temple in the first picture.

Facing North-East

In the distance you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree, a newer, taller version of the Tokyo Tower. I still like Tokyo Tower better, because it looks like La Tour Eiffel.

Facing North-West

This outcropping of buildings is Shinjuku 新宿, home to the busiest train station in the world.

Facing South-East

Cut into the floor of the middle level are heavy plate glass windows—adults nervously walk across while kids run and jump on the glass.

Facing Down
Facing: South-East. Above the bridge you can see the sphere that's part of the Fuji Television headquarters.

While I only have 2 days left in Japan, I have some secret adventures planned, so stay tuned.

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