Tsukiji Fish Market 築地市場

Located in the middle of Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market, or tsukiji uchiba (築地市場), is the biggest fish market in the world. On my last weekend I woke up early in the morning and headed over there with my Colby friend.

Inside the inner market.

The market is filled with more sea life than an aquarium, although calling it sea “life” might be a little misleading.

An octopus on sale.

Every morning of operation there’s a wholesale tuna auction. We saw the aftermath of that auction, featuring the buyers band-sawing their tunas into tuna-bits.

Using a bandsaw on flash frozen tuna.
Squid — ika
This is fugu, the Japanese blowfish that needs to be prepared correctly or you could die from eating it.
かど kado (on the signs above) means herring.

After walking through the market, we dropped into one of the sushi restaurants nearby and had the best sushi of our lives. The fish was cut large, freezing cold, and ridiculously fresh. You could tell these sushi chefs were pro—working there was probably like the Google of sushi.

Getting back I was surprised my clothes did not smell at all of fish. That’s how fresh it all was, I guess.

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