How to clone a Google Source Repository in Working Copy iOS

I recently went through this process and couldn’t find a guide (though I swear one existed at some point in the past). Here’s how to clone a git repository from Google Source Repositories in the Working Copy iOS or iPadOS app:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Pick out the repo you want to clone and open the clone dialog (it looks like a “+” icon)
  3. Go to the “Manually generated credentials” tab
  4. Click on “Generate and store your Git credentials”
  5. Go through the authentication flow
  6. You should be prompted to copy a shell command onto your clipboard
  7. Go to the Working Copy iOS app
  8. Go to Settings (the gear icon) > Authentication Cookies
  9. Tap the “+” icon and import from clipboard
  10. You should now be able to clone the repository using the URL

Hope that helps if you’re in the same boat.

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