2022 Year in Review

Hi friends,

Like last year, here’s a brief overview of what I got up to in 2022.


Despite this being my biggest running year in terms of mileage (683mi), I struggled with injuries pretty much the whole year, likely due to too much racing and not enough training.

My “goal race” for this year was running the Four Pass Loop, a 28mi loop with 9000ft of vert around the Maroon Bells in Colorado and rated the #1 trail run in the country on Trail Run Project. I made it about halfway before turning around, due to running the Double Dipsea two weeks before and not giving myself enough time to recover.

The overarching theme for this year was being over-eager to jump back into racing post-pandemic without building my base enough to sustain these goals. I have changed my entire running strategy for 2023 - I will focus on recovering and building an extremely solid base before jumping back into any races.

Race Distance Month
Crystal Springs trail race 8K January
DSE Sweeney Ridge 5K 5K April
Woodside 10K April
Inside Trail Folsom Lake 10K April
Stow Lake Stampede 5K May
Double Dipsea 14mi August
Four Pass Loop Attempt 20mi September
J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 3.5mi September
Santa Rosa Turkey Trot 5k November

In May I volunteered at an ultramarathon for the first time, the Miwok 100K. It was a really fulfilling experience supporting all these amazing athletes!

My favorite run of the year was running the Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Loop Trail on Oahu.


The top 5 books I read this year were:


This year was simultaneously the one of the most stressful years I’ve had work-wise, and also definitively the year I grew the most. Going into 2023, I am much more confident in both my technical and leadership abilities, and have a much better idea of what I want out of my career going forward.

This summer I was fortunate to take my first completely autonomous ride in a Waymo, followed by many more later in the year. Due to living in SF, I tried taking Waymo as much as possible - in total, this year I took 9 Lyfts, 10 Ubers, and 153 Waymos.

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