2023 Year in Review

Hi there, it’s time to reflect on what I was up to this year.


I started 2023 thinking I had a long-term knee injury. Around Summertime I made a breakthrough in discovering it wasn’t a knee issue but a toe issue. Since then I’ve been keeping the mileage low and trying to build a healthy base.

In total I ran 361 miles this year, which is down from usual but I was very consistent in my training. I was super grateful to have the consistency and support from my running buddies at WeRunSF and Noe Run Club.


The top 5 books I read this year were:


This year I made a point to dust off my Japanese materials and study for the JLPT N3, which I took in December. It’s too early to say if I passed, but signing up for the test was a great motivator to brush up on everything. 頑張りました。 


Speaking of Japan, one of the biggest travel highlights of this year was hiking the Kumano Kodo – an ancient pilgrimage trail across the Kii peninsula near Osaka – with Elva. We were super fortunate to catch the end of sakura season. Walking in the same footsteps as others thousands of years before us and taking in the breathtaking environment was a special experience we won’t soon forget.

A Japanese countryside house with sakura trees.
A view of Hongu Taisha through the trees.


I wrote a bit this year on making progress with my running injury and random thoughts on a side project I’m working on. I do want to start sharing my thoughts more frequently and less formally. Maybe joining a writing challenge like 100daystooffload.com next year would be nice.

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