Marathon Training Update

I’m signed up for the California International Marathon (a.k.a. CIM) in Sacramento, which is in less than 3 weeks! This will be my first marathon (the SF Marathon this year was supposed to be, but I gave myself a toe injury by overtraining).

My goal is simply to finish. I think having any sort of time-based goal would risk pushing me past the point of injury during the race.

Am I ready? Probably not 😄. My longest long run so far has been 15 miles. My weekly mileage is probably super low compared to most marathon training programs.

In other news, the weekend before last I ran the Monterey Half Marathon, which was great! I ended up running a time of 1:38. Last year the race was cancelled at the last minute due to smoke from the fires–it was fortunate this year the smoke subsided just before the race.

Here’s the race on Strava:

I’ll keep you updated on how training and the race goes!

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